“I have known Patrick for over 5 years, both in a professional and personal capacity. Having seen his work ethic and his dedication toward his profession and his clients, I can confidently say that he is by far one of the most professional and sincere advisers I have had dealings with in this industry.

Patrick has always demonstrated a rare quality, which is the ability to always keep his client’s interest as his top priority. He is not only actively involved in the front end of the process but also involved in crucial back end – which is when a client goes through a claim.

Patrick’s clients have always been High Net Worth, Top End of the market and he has demonstrated the ability to understand their needs and this coupled with his experience in the industry makes him unique in his offering. Patrick not only specialises in HNW clients but he has also shown the same level of professionalism, dedication and expertise for all his clients.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking at insurance to look at the process that Patrick has in place and also his offering- his service and his expertise.”

Protip DasGupta

Distribution Manager NSW
ING Australia